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Festivals, weddings, private parties, charity events, promotional and corporate events… you name it, we can perform.

With five performances at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre to date (and counting) we find Fireflow professional, mesmerising and utterly brilliant. We would highly recommend them for your special event. Jo and Dominic De Rosa

Directors, Inner Guidance

We chose Fireflow to help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary this summer, we were so impressed we immediately rebooked them. They are truly captivating performers, perfect if you are looking for something unique and memorable for your event, we would welcome back and highly recommend. Lara Boglione

Director, Petersham Nurseries

Booking a Performance

The first step in booking a show is working out what you would like.  Check out the option details below and then use the Estimate Calculator to generate an instant estimate.

What are my options?

Feature Fire Performance

An exciting and captivating performance, choreographed to music.  We can also create feature shows to music of your choice and tailor performances to suit your event theme. Our choreographed feature shows vary from one to five performers and last between 8 and 20 minutes, depending which show is booked.


Background Fire Performance

Background fire performances are freestyle fire shows which can be ‘meet and greet’ style performances as your guests arrive, or ambient performances in the background of your event. Background performances run at a slower pace than feature performances and are not performed to specific music which means we can perform to any music playing at your event.

We can provide two to five background performers who will either perform on rotation or perform at the same time, depending on what suits the event.

Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers are a great way to meet and greet your guests, welcoming them to your event whilst providing excellent photo opportunities.

Walkabout Hula Hooping

Enchant and entertain your guests with our highly skilled and impressive hula hoop performer. Using multiple hula hoops matched to her costume, she will captivate and charm young and old alike. She will perform ambient freestyle sets either stationed in one location or moving around your event.  Choose from various costumes to suit your event theme.

Walkabout Magician

Our magician will astound and intrigue your guests, engaging them in magic as well as in conversation with eachother.

Circus and Hula Hoop Workshops

We run workshops covering multiple circus skills or solely focussed on hula hooping. Great for schools, childrens’ parties, fairs and weddings, our workshops give children the opportunity to  discover the joy in circus for themselves.

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Instant Estimate

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This covers the number of performers you've selected,  factoring in the type of entertainment and the cost of us getting to you.

Of course, every show is different though and this is just a quick estimate to give you an idea of cost. If you would like to take things further, just fill out your details below and we'll contact you asap to discuss the finer points of what you would like.  We'd love to hear what you have in mind.


Anything else you would like to tell us? Any special requests?

Thank you again for yet another top class performance from your team.

It is rare to find such a brilliantly dexterous and jaw droppingly skilled ensemble of fire acrobats and artists that are so calm and capable in entertaining not just the older guests but also the very young.  You remain at the top of our address book ad I look forward to watching those smiles from the guests at our next gig together. Jeremy Garson

Director, European Event Organisation

I booked Fireflow for a large private event this summer and was blown away by Erin and the team’s professionalism, talent and dedication.  Our client was delighted with the performance and Erin even arranged backing musicians which topped off the amazing performance which took place after dinner. Jenna Ackerley

Director, Events Under Canvas


Is Fire dancing safe?
FireFlow make every effort to ensure a safe, enjoyable performance. We have strict Fire Safety Procedures in place and provide full Fire Safety Equipment. We carry out a complete Site Hazard And Risk Assessment prior to the performance and each performer has personal liability insurance. FireFlow are adept at making fire dancing appear more dangerous than it is! This culminates in an exciting, impressive performance.
Does FireFlow need to visit the site for the Site Hazard And Risk Assessment prior to the performance date?
No, but we do ask that you provide photos of the venue and proposed stage area as well as a detailed completion of the Performance Area section of the booking form which is made available once an estimate has been submitted and reviewed.
How early before a performance do FireFlow need to arrive at a venue?
FireFlow will arrive 1 hour before the scheduled performance start time to set up for the show.  Before arrival we need to know who is making final decisions and arrangements on site to ensure a smooth show.
Is FireFlow insured?
Yes. Each performer has individual personal liability insurance up to £2 Million.
Is the Estimate Calculator Final?
The Estimate Calculator on the website is simply a guide for what you may expect to pay. Please note that this price is subject to change. FireFlow reserves the right to amend prices prior to issuing quotes. Quotes will be issued after receipt of your booking form once all aspects of the performance have been carefully considered. It may be necessary for FireFlow to contact you prior to issuing the quote to confirm further details. The quoted price is final.
How does weather affect performances?
For both performer and audience safety, fire cannot be performed in strong winds. Fire can be performed in light rain but heavy rain becomes a safety concern as performers cannot see clearly. Audience enjoyment must be taken into consideration in the event of bad weather. These factors will be discussed in the event of the likelihood of weather affecting the performance.

If FireFlow deem the weather unsafe for a fire performance, the performance must be cancelled and the 25% deposit will not be refunded.

How long before a performance must Fireflow be booked?
Please allow as much time as possible before your event to book FireFlow. During certain periods of the year FireFlow are very busy and may be fully booked so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Do FireFlow perform indoors?
Yes FireFlow do indoor performances. Use of fire depends on the venue. We have spectacular LED glow equipment which may be more advisable for some indoor shows. Please see Gallery and Video sections for images, and Equipment section for descriptions.
How many performers can be booked for a show?
Performances demand a minimum of 2 performers, however more is recommend for a more varied show as each performer brings separate skills and individual styles of movement. FireFlow can provide more performers for longer shows.
How long do FireFlow performances last?
FireFlow fire performances are tailored to your requirements. The minimum length of a show is 15 minutes. The longest show is suggested at 30 minutes to maintain maximum audience enjoyment. FireFlow also perform as background entertainment and ‘walkabout’ entertainers for up to 3 hours. Please advise FireFlow of your needs and any special requests at time of booking.
What are FireFlow's prices?
Please see the Estimate Calculator for a guide to performance costs. After receipt of the booking form and contact with yourself, Fireflow will issue the final quote. After discussion regarding your requirements, the quote may differ slightly from the price calculators estimated price.




Originating from New Zealand, Poi dancing is a traditional Maori practice used to increase hand flexibility, strength and co-ordination. Essentially a ball attached to a length of rope, the original poi design has now been adapted to what we now know as Fire Poi. Kevlar wicks are attached to chains and with one poi in each hand, they are beautifully spun, leaving amazing patterns of fire as the performer dances and moves.

We use the highest quality LED Glow Pois with the same colours and strobe effects as our Glow Staffs. Also super bright, they too create mesmerising light patterns in the night air as the performer dances and spins.



Our Fire Staffs vary in length and may be used singly or as a pair. It is the paraffin-soaked kevlar wicks on each end of the staffs which are lit. Watch in wonder as the performers skillfully combine the power of martial arts and the grace of dance with the exciting element that is fire. Feel the heat emanating from the staffs and hear the roar of the fire as the performer draws amazing swirls of flames through the air in time to the music.

Our top of the range LED Glow Staffs produce stunning effects. They generate incredibly bright, multicoloured wheels of light which spin captivatingly through the darkness.

Contact Staff


Same principle as your normal staff, just bigger.  Normally performed with a single staff, contact staff involves the whole body, allowing the staff to roll and wrap around the shoulders, torso, arms and legs.  With contact staff the performer does not ‘hold’ on to the staff, rather it flows and moves around the performers body.

This requires great skill and control.  The end result is performance that can appear to defy gravity and is sure to amazing.



An impressive addition to any Fire Show, the magnificent Fire Sword strikes awe into its onlookers. Prepare to be dazzled as the 60cm flaming blade is expertly wielded by a skilled martial artist.

Hula Hoop


This burning ring of fire is a spectacle to behold! Be mesmerised as the hoop is gracefully spun, weaved and thrown. A highlight of any performance.


We provide professional, highly skilled fire dancers, circus performers, magicians and stilt walkers to private parties, weddings and corporate events.  We run childrens’ parties and workshops and teach circus and hula hoop in schools. We run hula hooping hen parties and also offer immersive theatre and tailored fire shows for themed events.

Our priority is safety and we pride ourselves on providing safe, professional and stress-free entertainment.

Let us make your event even more special.


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