Jonny Horn

Jonny Horn

Vital Statistics

Height : Tallish

Weight : Thinish

Date of Birth : It’s a secret.

Likes : Being a teacher, being a dad, performing, oh and fire!



Hmmm. My performances tend to be very character based and heavily costumed so I move like a dragon if I need to or a raver or Edmund King of Narnia being bewitched. Apart from that I’m just me.


Pretty multi skilled. Poi and staff are my main toys but double staff, fire sword, fire whip, angle grinding, fire eating, fire breathing and hoop get on the list. Oh and I teach fire skills too.


Head of a science department in a High School. Busy. Get to be a flow hippy in the summer though which is awesome. Oh and I have access to every chemical I like to make things go Boom!


Spending time with friends (as the best people do circus stuff), nailing that trick I’ve been trying to do for AGES and just getting away from the pressures of day to day life. I love the creative flow of getting ready for a new performance and the buzz of working with fire in front of a crowd. It’s also a great excuse to dress up!


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