David Welsh

David Welsh

Vital Statistics

Height : 5ft 6″

Weight : 54kg

Date of Birth : 23rd November 1990

Likes : Climbing, walking, guitar, I love being outside in the sunshine spinning to my hearts content.



I use a variety of circus equipment and try to combine the movements of it all together, mixing the flare of the Diabolo with the smooth rotations of Staff and Poi, helping me move effortlessly between fast moves and slow passed control.


I’ve been spinning for several years, starting with the Diabolo.  In recent years I’ve learnt, Devil Sticks, Poi, Staff, Juggling, Plate Spinning and Stilt Walking.


I work at a local B&Q.  I’m also a tailor for a bespoke tailoring company, Jamma.


I have always practiced to calm myself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I always practice when the sun is shining, and teaching people what I know and love. Sharing my passion for spinning inspires me to practice more and more.