Joshua Grant

Joshua Grant

Vital Statistics

Height : 6ft 3″

Weight : 90kg

Date of Birth : 22nd Feruary 1982

Likes : Going fast and Mayonnaise, not normally at the same time though…



I come from a martial arts background so my dancing style reflects a combination of the mixture of fighting styles I have trained in.  I work on free flowing movement drawing my energy up from the ground and aim to provide clean, crisp combinations of moves mixed with quick stalls and deep stance work.  I enjoy a bigger more open style of movement rather than ‘technical spinning’.


My primary spinning skill is Poi, but have also  spent a lot of time with the Staff and Contact Staff.


I am the director of a computer company called N3XUS Computing by day.  Check us out, we make some cool computers.


My original inspiration for spinning came from travelling in Thailand.   On the beach of Koh Phangan during a full moon party I saw fire poi and was captivated.  2 years after returning from Thailand I finally got myself of own set of poi as a Christmas present to myself.  Then it was a lot of YouTube videos and practice.  Nick Woolsey’s videos from Play Poi were my biggest on going inspiration whilst learning to spin, and I still check back often for more ideas.  Nick, if you ever see this, thank you for your work.  Taught me loads 🙂