Samuel Humpries

Samuel Humpries

Vital Statistics

Height :  6ft 2″ / 10ft 2″

Weight :  Unknown 😮

Date of Birth :  25th March 1989

Likes :   To read, things that grow, photography, art, music and my cat.



My style varies, as a stilt-walker I adopt a character the fits the costume and the event, that could be anything from a well spoken to-do gentleman or a scary psycho clown!

As a spinner my style is dependent on the music I am listening too at the time. I practice the combination of both stilt-walking and fire spinning and I am always developing my own moves and styles through play.


Power Stilt Walker, Platform Stilt Walker, Fire spinner


I work for a travelling stage show named The Renegade Showmen, its a scare attraction that tours the country through festivals and events, I also work for a house clearance company.


My inspiration comes from my friends around me who also love spinning.  I stumbled upon stilt walking almost entirely accidentally, what began as me borrowing a pair of plasterers stilts for fun led to a fully fledged passion for being tall(er).